BandMaster is a practice environment for improvising musicians and is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac OS. Where the Mac version of BandMaster takes full advantage of the desktop environment, BandMaster for iPhone or iPad focusses on playback, but still offers full editing tools. Song creation is a snap with the available templates, mass edit and global transposition. BandMaster's playback view displays a song's chords in a grid that scrolls down and highlights each measure as it is played. New songs are created with one of the many templates available. These include exercises and Blues as well as Jazz standard forms of different lengths. Once created songs can then be edited with ease. Add or delete measures, transpose an entire song or switch to a different time signature. With BandMaster you can practice on your own schedule and get that solo down for real.

Song Creation

Creating original content in BandMaster is easy and requires little typing. A large library of song templates serves as starting point for most common song structures like various Blues forms, 32-bar AABA forms and hundreds of known standars are that available as supplemental content. Moving from a template or standard towards customization is a cinch with BandMaster's editing tools.

BandMaster was created by musicians for musicians and offers a couple of key features in that regard. Most keyboard shortcuts needed to operate the application are centralized under the Controls menu and consist of only one key stroke like the space bar that toggles playback. The Analysis and Counter windows automatically reposition themselves next to the active song window and off to the bottom and side in case the song window has been maximized. Additionally the the chord grid's font can be scaled up to allow reading the computer screen from a distance.


  • Bass, drums and piano instruments
  • High quality samples
  • Intuitive interface
  • Fast song creation
  • Backup and sharing songs via email
  • Clipboard support
  • 26 transposable song templates
  • Free song libraries with access to over 1100 standards
  • Supports sound libraries for additional instruments
  • All common chords
  • Different style selections
  • Up to 120 measures per form
  • Global transposition for horn players
  • Adjustable time signature and transposition
  • Adjustable speed and number of chorusses
  • American and European chord notation
  • Extensive documentation (iOS, Mac OS)
  • BandMaster is localized into Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish

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