BandMaster Mac OS X

Getting Started

This Manual is focused on the features and functions of BandMaster. It discusses the interface, song creation in general and some advanced options. By the time you are done reading this user guide, you will have a solid understanding of how to use BandMaster and integrate it into your practicing workflow. It has been written to be read from start to end, but jumping in at any point is fine as well.


Jazz Standard Templates

Creating a Song

When launching BandMaster for the first time a song window with a song selection sheet. All new songs in BandMaster begin with a template. The most basic templates are located in the "Empty Forms" group and contain a number of measures in Cmaj. The other groups (Exercises, Blues, Standard, Latin and Miscellaneous) contain more advanced templates. You should familiarize yourself with all of these to get a feel for the different kind of starting points that are available.

Note: Additional songform templates can be downloaded from RoGame Forums and will be listed in the template dialog (s.a) after setting the Song Libraries Location preference.


Playing a Song

Playback Controls

Play controls are located in the control strip at the bottom of the song window. Clicking the play button (green triangle in the bottom row) will start playback of the current song and turn the play button into a red square to indicate that pressing the button again will stop playback. Another very useful method to start/stop playback is simply pressing the keyboard's space bar. Right next to the start/stop button on the left side is the pause button that can be used anytime during playback to pause at the current location in the playback loop. The other buttons will be dicussed at length a little later in this document. Note the location indicator above the button bar. BandMaster always displays location in chorus - measure - beat format.

12 bar empty Blues

When starting playback BandMaster displays a visual count-in and always highlights the current location in the chord grid if necessary by scrolling to it. There are several adjustments that can influence this behavior. The count-in can be turned off completely, i.e. set to 0. Also note that playback doesn't necessarily start at the song's beginning as there are several loop options that could place it somewhere else entirely.


Basic Playback Options

Playback Options

The most basic playback options are located in the bottom left of the song window, BPM (beats per minute), number of choruses and count-in length are set here. These controls do not take effect during playback, so you need to set them up beforehand. The Tap button is a handy way to quickly adjust tempo to a different setting or match a song you are listening to. The range of BPM settings is between 16 and 360. The number of choruses can be set from 3 up to 32 (infinite playback options are available with chorus looping) and finally 0, 1, 2 or 4 count-in measures are available via the segmented control. These settings are automatically saved for each song. There are many more advanced playback options that we will discuss a little bit later in this document.



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