BandMaster Mac OS X

Chord Grid Basics

Giant Steps

Almost all editing in BandMaster takes place in the application's chord grid. The chord grid is similar to a spreadsheet of sorts. Below we will be showing and explaining some basic concepts to help get around the chord grid editor.



Clicking on a chord selects and highlights its cell and allows it to be edited. Other than just clicking on a chord cell it is also possible to drag with the mouse for a larger selection of chords. Double-clicking a chord cell will select all adjacent chord cell with the same chord symbol (i.e. cMaj7) even across rows and single clicking a number cell in the left margin of the grid will select the entire row regardless of chord symbol. The chord grid also supports shift-clicking an existing selection to append it.

Two handy menu commands are: cmd-A to Select All and cmd-shift-A to Deselect All.

NOTE: If there is no selection in the chord grid the toolbar on top of the grid will show only disabled buttons and controls as there is nothing to operate on.


Clipboard Operations

BandMaster's chord grid supports all standard clipboard operations like copy, paste, in one song or between multiple documents. One item of note is that like in most spread sheet programs a paste operation will place the clipboard's contents directly after the selected cell. In the example below we are pasting two measures of Gmaj as an illustration.

copy measurespaste measures

The chord grid's clipboard can also be pasted into a text editor. Pasting the two measures of Gmaj from above into a TextEdit or Mail document would render:
GMaj / / / GMaj / / /


Drag and Drop

All standard drag and drop operations are supported in BandMaster's chord grid. Simply dragging a selection of beats will move it to the new location. The chord grid displays a vertical insertion point line while dragging to help place the moving content.

copy measures

The chord grid also supports duplication-dragging. For this simply select a range of beats and drag them to the desired location while holding down the option key. The cursor will at this point show the typical plus sign on a green circle and BandMaster's chord grid displays the vertical insertion point to help aiming.

copy measures

Drag and drop is also supported between BandMaster documents and it is possible to drag from the chord grid onto an open text editor window or even the desktop for a textual representation. Dragging onto the desktop results in a "clipping" file that can be inserted into other documents.


Context Menu

biab ________

The chord grid's context menu is avaiable via right mouse click or control-click. It features some basic commands that are also available via the application menu like Cut, Copy, Paste, several selection commands as well as handy shortcut to the Macros menu.

NOTE: Selection as Bridge and Selection as Loop (form loop) are a fast alternative to setting these ranges via the control strip.



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