BandMaster Mac OS X

The Songform Toolbar

Songform Toolbar

The Songform toolbar is located right above BandMaster's chord grid and is visible only in either of the grid views. In page view this toolbar is hidden as editing the chord grid is not possible in that view. There are roughly three sections to the toolbar. The first section coming from the left is a row of buttons used to assign a root to a selection in the chord grid. Following that are three edit buttons - add beat, add measure, and delete selection. Finally there are two popup menus - the chord quality menu and the macros menu to the very right.


Root Selectors

biab Root Selectors

Root selectors operate on any selection in the chord grid and affect the root only. It does not matter whether all chords in that selection share the same root or have different roots.


Form Edit Buttons

biab Form Edit Buttons

There are only three form edit buttons: Insert Beat (cmd-i), Insert Measure (shift-cmd-i) and Delete Selection (cmd-delete).

Insert Beat

Insert Beat (cmd-i) takes the current selection into account, inserts one beat right after it and selects it. Note that the beat added is of the same kind as the original selection. It is therefore notated with a backslash in the case shown below.

Insert Beat Insert Beat

The exact same thing happens if the original selection consists of more than one beat and this can be a bit confusing at first. In the example below the selection contains several different chord symbols. Beat insertion, however, always takes the first beat of a selection as parameter and will insert an F#m7 chord as before. Since this new beat is at the beginning of a line it is named in full and not with a backslash as in the example above.

Insert Beat Insert Beat

Note: BandMaster will not play songforms that contain incomplete measures. If we were trying to play the example above we would get a warning.


Insert Measure

Inserting a measure (shift-cmd-i) works the same regardless of time signature and always inserts the correct number of beats to make up one measure and is quite similar to inserting a beat. It takes the first beat of the selection as parameter, inserts a whole measure right after the original selection and selects the newly added beats. Note again the use of backslashes.

Insert Measure Insert Measure

Where a selection consists of more than one beat inserting a measure again takes only the very first beat of the selection as parameter and inserts a measure of beats with that chord symbol at the end of the selection.

Insert Measure Insert Measure


Delete Selection

Delete Selection (cmd-delete) works very much as expected and simply deletes any selected beats from the chord grid.


Chord and Macro Popups

biab Chord And Macro Popups

The last group of items on the songform toolbar are the chord popup menu and the macro popup menu. The chord popup menu can be displayed with the hot key combination cmd-shift-c and the macro popup menu with cmd-shift-v.


Chord Popup Menu

BandMaster supports European and American chord notations which can be adjusted in Preferences (A complete list of chords supported by BandMaster can be found in Appendix A). Like the root selector buttons mentioned above the chords popup menu assigns chord qualifiers (i.e. m7, maj7, etc.) uniformly to any selection in the chord grid. For example:

F#m7 B7 EMaj7 /


F#7 B7 E7 /

after applying the symbol for a dominant seventh chord (7).

Note: The chord popup button always reflects the qualifier of the first beat of any chord selection made in the chord grid.


Macro Popup Menu

Since Macros are somewhat complex they are discussed in their own chapter following a bit later.