BandMaster Mac OS X

Main Splitter

How High the Moon

The main splitter separates BandMaster's chord grid from the control strip at the bottom of the window or the timeline view if the latter is expanded. It houses several small interface elements that provide shortcuts to some common operations as well as important status information.


Splitter Bar

Splitter Bar

The elements in the splitter bar from left to right are 3 view selectors, the chord feedback button, the grid magnification slider (in the middle), the song compilation progress bar, the playback cache status indicator and the timeline view toggle switch.




There are 3 ways to view the chord grid in BandMaster. The most basic one and probably also most useful for editing is the one measure per row grid. It corresponds to the button with the number 1 as seen above. The second view lays the songform out in 2 measures per row and corresponds to the second button from the left bearing the number 2. The third and last view shows the chord grid in a non-editable page view (s.b.) that can be useful for practicing, printing, and so on. Here is an example of view options 2 and 3 showing the same song as the graphic at the start of this chapter.

____ ____

Another and very quick method to switch between views is to simply type the letters q, w, or e on the keyboard.


Chord Feedback

biabChord FeedbackChord Feedback

Chord Feedback is a feature in BandMaster that can also be accessed via menu command from the application menu (f). The chord feedback button in the main splitter indicates whether chord feedback is enabled or not. When chord feedback is enabled the mouse cursor turns into a speaker when moving over the chord grid and clicking any chord in the grid will play that chord.

Note: Chord Feedback is not available in page view.




The center slider at the bottom of BandMaster's chord grid adjusts the grid's magnification. This is to facilitate full screen display so that a songform can be read across a room for example. Each of the above views stores its own magnification setting. In addition magnification settings are retained in each document.


Note: On MacBooks the pinch gesture can be used to set the chord grid magnification.


Playback Cache

biabPlayback Cache Playback Cache

In order to play a song BandMaster has to synchronize its playback cache first. While this takes places (in typically only seconds) the barber pole progress indicator is displayed. Once the cache is in sync its cache indicator changes from a half-circle to a full circle to indicate that the cache is up to date. If no changes are performed to the songform BandMaster will keep reusing the playback cache and play starts instantaneously. If an action occurs that invalidates the playback cache, i.e. a change in the chord grid or an added chorus, the playback cache indicator reverts back to a half circle and the cache has to be resynchronized before the song can be played again.


Timeline Toggle

biabTimeline Toggle

Clicking the timeline button at the end of the main splitter toggles BandMaster's timeline view. This can also be done via application menu by typing a dash (-).



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