BandMaster Mac OS X

Control Strip


The control strip is at the bottom of the BandMaster song window and always visible. It houses the necessary controls for all playback funtionality. Many controls in the control strip are compound controls consisting of a text field and a stepper (up and down arrow buttons). The text fields are disabled by default but can be enabled in Preferences. With exception of the Count In setting which is application global all settings are saved as part of the song's document.

Control Strip

From left to right the control strip houses these controls:



The tap input control is a simple button that allows to set the song's bpm through tapping. This can be a big help when trying to find the speed of a song one is listening to or in cases where the bpm needs to be changed quite radically and stepping would take some time.



The BPM (beats per minute) control allows finer control than the tap input.



The number of chorusses can be set between 3 - 32. In cases where infinite play is desired use chorus looping.


Count In

Sets the number of count it measure from 0 - 4. This setting is application global and will be applied to all song documents.


Control Box


Centrally located in the control strip is the control box.


Form Loop

This Setting consists of two control sets - Start and Length. Use these controls to set the location of a form loop for the current song. A form loop is not active and the form loop highlight in BandMaster's chord grid not visible unless the form loop button in the control box is highlighted. To activate the form loop click the control box button or use the application menu (l).




This Setting consists of two control sets - Start and Length. The bridge in BandMaster is a visual indicator that is always enabled. By default the length parameter for the bridge part is 0 in most song forms. In the illustration above the bridge is set for 8 measures length starting at measure 17. Note the double vertical bar lines and also the arrows in measures 1 and 8 indicating the form loop. In any of the grid views the bridge is highlighted with a highlight color that can be customized in Preferences.