BandMaster Mac OS X

Timeline Overview


The timeline feature in BandMaster is unique in that it allows to practice some fairly advanced devices commonly used in Fusion, Jazz, R&B and many other types of modern ensembles - devices like time scale, transposition and trade fours. Using one, two or even all of these ensemble directions including the option of layering them on top of each other gives us an opportunity to "liven up" a performance. Often the decision to transpose a piece or implement a couple of choruses of trade fours is made on the spot and all band members better know what to do at those times. Unfortunately it has not been all that easy until now to practice these live conditions and many otherwise magnificent players find themselves out of their depth when confronted with these standard devices of ensemble play.

BandMaster's timeline concept is a very practical way to familiarize oneself better with tools like Time Scale and Transposition and hopefully this will make a difference in today's ensemble play. Let's start here with a general overview of the layout and concept of the timeline view. We will then proceed to a detailed description of the timeline ruler, its header and then the timeline tracks and track headers.


Timeline View

Timeline is the lower section of a BandMaster song window that can be exposed via the View : Show/Hide Timeline menu command (-) in the application menu or via the timeline toggle button seen below.

Timeline Toggle


Timeline Layout

In essence the timeline is horizontally subdivided into 2 main parts - the ruler above and tracks below. The timeline ruler itself consists of a header part to the left and the actual ruler section on the right side. Similarily each of the tracks each have their own track header to the left. There are three tracks altogether, a bass track, a piano track and a drums track.

The header sections for ruler and tracks contain elements needed to configure ruler or lanes respectively whereas ruler and tracks themselves are a graphic representation of time. As mentioned before BandMaster measures songforms in the chorus : measure : beat format. So - while the chord grid details measures and beats, BandMaster's timeline concerns itself with choruses only. Each unit of the timeline ruler represents exactly one chorus and each track's basic unit or cell is exactly one chorus as well. Where beats are the smallest building block in BandMaster's chord grid choruses are the smallest unit in its timeline.

Timeline Layout