BandMaster Mac OS X

Timeline Tracks


There are 3 tracks in the timeline interface- bass, piano and drum tracks, each occupying one row from left to right. As seen above each track is divided into track header and track grid. The latter represents the number of chorusses in the track. Clicking in any of the track's grid rectangles toggles the on/off state for that chorus meaning that that instrument will either play or not for the duration of that chorus. To indicate whether the play status for a specific chorus is added or removed the cursor will trun into a pencil or erasor. In the graphic above we can see that the bass is the only instrument playing in the first chorus.


A handy context menu (s.a.) allows to select all or no choruses for the track that was clicked and even has a setting to invert the current on/off states.


Track Headers


Each track in BandMaster has a track header where several configuration options can be set. Tracks are identified by icon and are listed in the order bass, piano and drums from top to bottom respectively. The naming for tracks only suggests a specific function as it is perfectly possible to assign a guitar instrument to the piano track. While most settings are available in all tracks headers, there are a few that are specific to one or two tracks.




The instrument popup menu is located right below the instrument icon and available in all tracks. There are some 240 instruments including several drum sets available (see Appendix B, and Appendix C).


Octave and Volume


The octave setting located to the right of the instrument popup menu is available in the bass and piano instruments and has a range of -1 to +1. It is implemented as a cycling stepper button and repeated clicks in one direction will move through all settings. A volume setting is available in all tracks with a range of 0 - 127.


Solo and Mute


Solo and Mute buttons are available in all tracks. Soloing a track silences all other tracks and muting a track silences a track itself. It is possible to assign either state to multiple tracks. BandMaster has very convenient hot key assignments for these states:

'A' 'S' 'D' toggles the solo state for the instruments bass, piano, drums

'Z' 'X' 'C' toggles the mute state for the instruments bass, piano, drums


Rhythm and Style


To the right of the solo and mute switches the bass and piano instruments have a rhythm popup menu and the drums instrument a style popup. Drum styles are global and not configurable. The rhythm popups, however, determine how a generated part is going to be played.



Walk is a setting only available in the bass instrument. When engaged a "walking bass" style bass line will be generated for the bass instrument typically including chord tones and approach notes. When disengaged the bass instrument will produce root notes and fifths.


Voice Lead

Voice Lead is a setting only available in the piano instrument. When engaged will voice-lead each of the four voices in the piano part - a technique where chord tones are trated like voices. If disengaged the piano instrument will produce block chords.