BandMaster Mac OS X

HUD Windows


There are two main HUD (heads up display) windows in BandMaster, the Analysis window and the Counter window. Both share a number of chracteristics and adjustable properties. These windows are held semi-transparent so that they can be placed over a song document without occluding any of its content.



When docking is enabled the Analysis window will remain to the right side of the current song document as shown above and the counter window will remain centered below the currently active document window. If the active song document is moved, so will any docked hud windows. If a number of song documents are open BandMaster's hud windows will always dock to the current active document.



When BandMaster detects that a window is covering the entire screen and docking is enabled the counter and analysis windows place themselves automatically with the Counter window centered above the control box and the Analysis window off the the right side as shown above. This is particularly useful in instances where full screen display of song documents is desired combined with a large counter display that can be read across a room.

Docking behavior is set in BandMaster's Preferences and can be enabled for either window independent of each other.




The Analysis window shows a representation of chords selected in the chord grid in music notation along with some structure and scale choice detail. The white arrow in the top right area of the the Analysis window is used to scrub through the different clefs that are available (bass, treble, alto, tenor and grand staff).
Where a selection includes multiple chords the first chord in the selection is processed. Chords are shown as closed voicing in root position with the bass note doubled if necessary. Also shown for every chord are:

Below the main structural analysis several scale suggestions divided into types are listed followed one or more upper structure triads where applicable:



In cases where playback traverses a transposed section (see transpose sections) the chord symbol in the Analysis view will be appended with an asterisk (*) to indicate that the chord shown currently is being played transposed. The same is true if a mouse click occurs in the chord grid if the chorus cursor is located in a transposed section.


Counter Window


The counter window to a degree duplicates the funtionality of the upper half of BandMaster's control box, but is much easier to read from a distance due to its size. It displays loop status along with BandMaster's metrics in chorus, measure, beat format.