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ScaleMaster synchronization is a very powerful tool that allows linking BandMaster with ScaleMaster. There are essentially two main components to this feature, live sync where ScaleMaster keeps updating while BandMaster is in play mode and standard synchronization that occurs when clicking in the chord grid or the Analysis window.

The feature is configured using two settings under general preferences. To globally enable the feature "ScaleMaster Synchronization" needs to be checked. The optional "Chords" setting determines whether or not ScaleMaster employs its chord filter during live sync. More about that below. Note that both applications must be running for ScaleMaster synchronization to work. Also, ScaleMaster 3.0.2 or higher and BandMaster 1.0.4 or higher are required.


Live Sync

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With ScaleMaster synchronization enabled and both applications running, ScaleMaster will automatically update its display to show the current scale based on BandMaster's analysis algorithm. This works in any instrument (banjo, bass, guitar, mandolin or piano). During times where BandMaster is not in play mode ScaleMaster displays the scale for the current selection in BandMaster's chord grid. So, selecting different chords in the chord grid automatically updates ScaleMaster which in turn generates a notation view of the scale, fingering information in its instrument view and more.


Live Sync with Scale Type Preference

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With ScaleMaster synchronization enabled the Analysis window displays a series of 4 radio buttons next to the basic scale types (i.e. Pentatonic, Hexatonic, etc.). These radio buttons are used to set a scale type preference. In the picture above heptatonic scales are selected. So BandMaster will try to find a heptatonic scale solution for the current chord and pass that along to ScaleMaster for display. If no solution of the desired type is found (this happens quite regularly with pentatonic scales) an alternate solution will be presented.


Scale Synchronization Using the Analysis Window

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At any time with ScaleMaster synchronization enabled the scale names in BandMaster's Analysis window become buttons - invisible buttons that is. As seen above the chord selection is a CMaj triad and BandMaster has generated solutions for all scale types. Clicking on "Pentatonic Major" above will now display a C Pentatonic Major scale in ScaleMaster. The same - clicking the second generated solution in heptatonics above will display a C Lydian scale in ScaleMaster.


Live Sync with Chords Option

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With the Chord option checked ScaleMaster employs its chord filter when synchronizing with BandMaster and selects a solution scale for the current chord using its own algorithm. It is easy to tell the difference as now the chord symbol appears under the scale name in ScaleMaster's display and chord tones are shown in red. Otherwise this is the same mechanism as discussed above during live sync when BandMaster is in play mode or when looking up scales by selecting chords in BandMaster's chord grid.


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