ChordLab Mac OS X

Release Notes

Version 3.2.4

ChordLab 3.2.4 for Mac OS has been released. The upgrade fixes menu hotkeys for some configurations under El Capitan. Other improvements include block chord playback and and persistence of window placement.


Version 3.2.0

Version 3.2.0 is a major rewrite first off with no visible changes to it other than that the application should feel much snappier. It addresses memory issues that could surface when running ChordLab on Mac OS 10.10 on machines with limited capacity. But there were some functional changes as well. Most of these have to do with the circle of fifths window. One fairly critical bug regarding piano keys was also fixed that was occurring when replacing letters on non-qwerty based keyboards.

As of version 3.2.0 the circle of fifths no longer "drives" the main display. Instead a new button was added to display the current selection of the circle of fifths in the main window. In addition to that the circle of fifths now highlights the roots of the current harmonic domain in white. Highlighted roots also work as buttons and allow playing the associated chord, a great feature to better demonstrate the concept of scale degrees.

Another update of note is the addition of delete buttons in the history window. This functionality like pretty much the entire update of the circle of fifths was implemented in response to a user feature request which really made a lot of sense to us. Keep them coming.