The most fun you'll ever have in outer space. Space 2048 moves the old 2048 game into outer space with great visuals, animations and the entire universe as background. Move entire planets to get to your score, surrounded by galaxies, suns and asteroids.
For an engulfing game experience Space 2048 includes a soundtrack and great sound effects. You can quit the game at any time and continue exactly where you left off later. There is an undo for any mistakes you might make and you always have a history of your last 8 scores available.

Moving Planets

The rules for the Space 2048 game are very simple. There are only four game moves. Use the arrow buttons to move to the left, the right, the top or the bottom. All planets will then move into that direction as far as they can. Planets of the same kind will merge into a new planet with their combined value and your score is updated. You win once you have one planet with the value of 2048. And that is much easier said then done.


Visuals are a big part of the gaming experience and to match the overall theme all interface elements like the triple setting sound switch for example (full sound with background music, effects only or sound off) rotate floating in space. And while the true stars - pun intended - of Space 2048 are the planets with their magnificent slow rotation, they are more than matched in grandiosity by those fascinating backdrops. The latter are images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope with titles like "Antennae Galaxies" or "Ring Nebula".


The music for Space 2048 has been released separately as EP on iTunes, Amazon (mp3) and can be streamed on Spotify. It includes all songs of the game at regular volume settings. It is also available at bandcamp where you can download high-quality formats like FLAC and name your own price:


Space 2048 makes for ideal casual entertainment. The galactic backgrounds become more dramatic the further along you get in your game and you keep adding new planets. The soundtrack specifically written for Space 2048 enhances the overall atmosphere as soft background component. And then most importantly there still is the goal - to get to the magic number - 2048. So this truly is - the most fun you ever had in outer space.


  • Universal app (iPhone, iPad)
  • Fully animated with superb visuals
  • Great soundtrack and effects
  • History of played games
  • Undo and Resume functionality
  • Complete game - no add-ons needed

Space 2048 is on FaceBook

Space 2048 has its own Facebook site. A little bit like a diary but also a growing collection of all things surrounding the app. Check out the timeline to see the development of the app or read tidbits about the soundtrack, additional images, platforms and much more. Make sure to stop by and see what's new.


In case you were wondering, the fabulous background images in Space 2048 were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and are courtesy HubbleSite. One can easily spend hours browsing through their marvellous archives. If you are interested in astronomy and outer space make sure to pay them a visit.

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