ChordLab Mac OS X

Piano Keys

Piano Keys

While it is always possible to click in the guitar or piano instruments, Piano Keys allows to also use the computer's keyboard for this purpose. In its default mode simply typing keys in the middle row (a, s, d, etc.) highlights and plays the mapped notes in the instrument.


Piano Keys Window

The piano keys window allows customization of the mapped keys. Each key as seen above can be customized in a 3-step process: select a key, type in the replacement key, deselect the key. The first white key from the left always refers to middle C.



Selected Key

Selecting a black or white key is done by simply clicking on it. A selected key will be highlighted with a grey gradient fill. In the next step we're going to type a 'q' as replacement for the 'a' shown here.



Selected Key

Once a key is selected replacing it is done by simply typing a key on the keyboard. Special keys like return, shift etc are not available for this purpose. The selected key now shows a 'q' since we typed a 'q' as replacement for the original 'a'.



Selected Key

Having clicked on the first key in the row of white keys we deselected it and thereby finalized the change from an 'a' to a 'q'.



To reset the keyboard assignments to factory standard, simply click the Reset button.