BandMaster Mac OS X

Data and Files



BandMaster's file format is proprietary which means that regular song files can only be opened by the BandMaster application. There are, however, several ways to share data with other applications and media.


Dragged Text


Dragging any selection from BandMaster's chord grid onto the desktop generates a clipping file which can be inserted into any text editor.

It is also possible to drag chord grid selections into text documents like Mail, TextEdit or Pages directly.


Copy Attachment


BandMaster songs can be transferred for use with any of the iOS versions of BandMaster (BandMaster for iPhone, BandMaster HD for iPad). This is done with the Copy Attachment tool. Copy Attachment generates a raw version of the current song, wraps it in HTML and places it on the global clipboard. It can then be pasted into the content body of an email and sent out to be opened with iOS versions of BandMaster.

pasted clipboard

Seen above is the attachment as it appears once pasted inside the message body of an email document. All that is left to do is to retrieve the email on an iOS device that has BandMaster installed and tap the hyperlink (underlined and blue). BandMaster will then get launched on the device and present an import dialog.

rich text option

Make sure to have your email client configured to produce Rich Text or HTML format when composing emails. Otherwise it is not possible to embed the necessary html code.

Note: The Copy Attachment tool is disabled for songs in 6/8 as no version of BandMaster for iOS supports that meter at this time.


Import Attachment

Double-clicking a BandMaster formatted email attachment on Mac OS opens the attached song in BandMaster for Mac OS as expected. As a backup mechanism iOS versions of BandMaster can generate attachments of multiple songs. If one of these attachments is opened on Mac OS X, BandMaster will open only the first attached song. It will then ask for a location to save the remaining songs to, so they can be opened individually if so desired.


Export MIDI File


BandMaster uses the general file export mechanism (cmd-E) to export a standard MIDI file for use in other applications like Logic. MIDI data is generated with all general adjustments including those made in Timeline. It will thus reflect in length the number of choruses set as well as all enabled sections like time scale or transposition, instrument mutes etc.